The Benefits of Buying a Pool Rescue Training Manikin


If you are thinking about purchasing a pool rescue training manikin, you've probably asked yourself what it is, how does it work, and how does it help you? The Pool Rescue Training Dummy is a revolutionary new product that mimics a real drowning victim. Because it sinks when towed, the manikin is designed to make it feel just like a lifeless, unconscious person in water. Pool Rescue Training Manikin has been developed over the past two years and allows first responders to practice drowning techniques on a realistic model of a drowning victim.
The manikin is a realistic lifeguard training tool that is tossed into a pool and sinks fast, yet retains buoyancy enough to be towed to safety. This lifeguard training manikin was created by Ruth Lee Ltd. and has been used by lifeguards in more than 17 countries. Lifeguards across the world have bought this manikin to improve their skills. You can find many different Swim Safety Products in the market, each with a different function and purpose.
You can purchase a manikin in both the adult and junior versions. They are useful for practicing skills such as using the Pool Extraction Boards and performing lifeguard zone visibility tests. Pool Rescue manikins are designed with the Royal Life Saving Society UK in mind. The RLSS UK recommends the use of this manikin for lifeguard training purposes. Whether you're training lifeguards or just preparing for your first rescue, it's crucial to invest in a quality manikin to improve your lifesaving skills. Find out more aboutb the article here:
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